Battery Tester

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Compaselect GmbH
Baarerstrasse 78
CH - 6300 Zug
Schweiz / Switzerland

Battery Acid Tester in professional quality for extremely accurate measurements

  • Large, easy-to-read scale in a compact and heavy duty instrument
  • Accurate readings at all acid temperatures
  • Fast, bubble-free intake of fluid sample
  • Automatic air-lock prevents fluid loss and air bleed
  • Readings independent of vertical positioning of instrument
  • Sturdy, shock-resistant materials, non-corrosive throughout
  • Scale 0.005 g/ml

PDF-Download: Info (814kb) Technical Information (63kb)

Battery Acid Tester with plastic hydrometer

  • Accurate readings at all acid temperatures
  • Shock-resistant instrument
  • Scale 0.02 g/ml

PDF-Download: Info (102kb)   Manual (50kb)

Autovolt 12
Electronic Tester for battery charge and alternator voltage

  • Time-compensator avoids hours of waiting for the battery to attain equilibrium voltage
  • All vital parts are automatically protected from dirt or damage
  • Tests 12-volt batteries without regard for plus and minus polarity
  • Five-state display of battery charge
  • A compact pocket instrument - always ready for use

PDF-Download: Info (91kb)

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